A-league and AFL players have 24/7 access to their physiotherapist assisting them with their recovery, injury prevention and physical optimisation. Now you have the opportunity.

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I know you want to become an elite athlete. You're probably training 2-3 times with the team and 2-3 times in the gym. You've been putting hours and hours in to your sport. The good news is, so are the elite athletes of every sporting code. The only difference between them and you is their recovery work and their ability to stay injury free when it counts. The biggest road block to succeeding in the pursuit of pro-sport is injuries. In soccer, over 35% of injuries are non-contact related, which means they are preventable. 50% of ACL's suffered in AFL are non-contact and therefore preventable. For an average injury in both sports, the time spent off the field is roughly 3 weeks, with more severe injuries keeping athletes out for more than a year. 


If you want to take your soccer or footy to the next level then it is simple – you have to stay on the field. If you’re on the cusp of reaching the professional stage then my injury rehabilitation and prevention program is your number one priority. It will help you stay on the field longer and therefore increase the likelihood of being spotted by the scouts and being at your best for trials. Be Your Best.

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If you are a budding young soccer player or footy player striving to play at an elite level, then no doubt you are already in the gym working on your strength and fitness. But ask yourself this; are you training hard, or are you training smart? Using the Injury prevention assessment tool you will be provided with an acutely specific strength and conditioning program to help keep you strong and injury free. The biggest mistake seen in the gyms and for the sub-elite population is athletes training hard for the sake of training hard. It's time to train smart Be Your Best.

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No doubt you are absolutely pushing your limits physically right now training with your team and doing extra sessions in the gym. But are you recovering well enough? Are your muscles ready for another gruelling session at training or the gym or are you pushing them closer and closer towards an injury? This is the one percent that helps the absolute elite athletes perform at their very best and stay on the park. Be Your Best.

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Is your club still starting each session with 1-2 laps around the park? Does your team go straight in to 2-3 sessions a week in pre-season in the first week back? These are some of the outdated strategies that clubs still go by to this very day. Such programs lead to one of the biggest causes of injury across all sporting codes - overload injuries. 

Having worked for elite and sub-elite soccer, futsal, AFL, rugby and cricket clubs I have reduced injury rates by up to 40% applying my specific programs for injury prevention. Applying the fundamental principles of movement, strength and conditioning and programming specific to your body type and injury history, this is the place to come to if you are looking to stay on the park and at your very best to display your ability to those that are watching. And yes, they are always watching. Be Your Best.



What separated the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant from their peers? Why is it that so many players enter the professional sporting scene with an abundance of talent, but fizzle out never reaching the heights of their 'potential'?  Have you ever thought about what it would take to elevate your sporting ability to the next level? Initial success MAY be determined by your talent. Your subsequent achievements will be a result of your hard work in the gym with the trainers and the physios. But what would separate you from the pack? If you're an NPL level player trying to crack in to the A-League fold, or perhaps a budding footy player trying to get in to a VFL/AFL club, or maybe your child is in the grass roots level and has been showing an enormous amount of potential that could promise a professional career ahead, then schedule an appointment now to learn the art of winning the mental game so that YOU can Be Your Best.

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If the A-league or AFL athlete has access to their physiotherapist 24/7, then this is something you deserve to take you to that next level. This unique service is bringing the physiotherapy experience to a whole new medium of video conferencing. This is how I am providing YOU with the same advantages of elite sporting clubs by having 24/7 hour access to ME. If you want to be the best, then you have to treat yourself like the best. Be Your Best.

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An excellent way to improve muscle activation and correct muscle inhibition as well as improving specific movement patterns, pilates is a great way to get the ball rolling with optimising your movement patterns and taking a step closer to maximising your physical output. Be Your Best.

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For the past five years I have worked at various state league/NPL soccer teams, VFL clubs, junior state rugby teams and district cricket clubs. I have observed athletes and physiotherapists at the highest level and the biggest differences I have noticed between the elite and the sub-elite is the level of access and dedication to injury prevention, physical optimisation, recovery and mental well being. Here at Elite Physiotherapy Consulting I am bringing that level of access, dedication to YOU so that you are giving yourself every opportunity to strive for your goals. This is your club.

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I provide industry leading physiotherapy to help improve your physical output and to keep you on the park. Coupled with experience in strength and conditioning and mental coaching under the tutelage of the top leading physiotherapists and coaches in Australia, the skills, techniques and knowledge provided to you will be of the highest standard.

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With the services mentioned above, my role is to help empower you to be in a physical and mental state that will allow you to achieve your goals. Utilising my unique Be Your Best program and online consultations, I will provide a readily available and easily accessible framework for you to enhance your body and keep you ready to take that next step if and when the chance comes. 

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Ask yourself - If I want to be better than those I am competing against, then am I in the right physical and mental state to achieve this? Am I extracting the absolute most out of my body and mind and giving it the treatment it deserves to produce my best? Schedule an appointment now and uncover your true self. The ball is in your court.

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